Josera Festival 15kg

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Product Overview

An exceptionally aromatic and delicious dish, Josera Festival contains crunchy croquettes with sauce powder to offer fussy dogs a unique taste experience, either dry or mixed with water. The balanced recipe with salmon contains sufficient energy for active and sporty dogs. A variety of easy to absorb nutrients help preserve your dog's wellbeing and activity levels.

Josera Festival provides a balanced calcium-phosphorus content, plenty of vitamin C, manganese and copper. This vital nutrient complex encourages strong bone growth and healthy joints. Valuable fatty acids, zinc and copper help to keep skin healthy and coat gleaming. This premium Josera Festival meal has everything your dog needs!

The Josera Festival dry dog food contains neither artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, nor genetically modified ingredients. It is free from additives with allergenic potential, including wheat, sugar, soya and milk products. The meat content is suitable for human consumption and undergoes the same stringent quality controls as all other ingredient components. In order to preserve the premium quality and nutritional value of Josera Festival, it comes in practical resealable bags.

Josera Festival at a glance:

  • High quality dry food for demanding dogs
  • Flavour intensive: with plenty of flavour thanks to powder sauce, for an appetising dish
  • Croquettes that can be soaked and softened: crispy kibble that can be fed dry or wet
  • With salmon: rounding off a delicious recipe
  • High energy content: provides sporty, active dogs with sufficient energy
  • Balanced calcium-phosphorus content, vitamin C, manganese and copper: supports the building of strong bones and healthy joints
  • Healthy skin and glossy coat: valuable fatty acids, vitamins, zinc and copper to support skin and fur health
  • Free from colours, flavours and preservatives, nor GMOs
  • No ingredients with allergenic potential: wheat, soya, sugar and milk products
  • Made in Germany: quality controlled at the in-house Josera lab
  • Flavour protect: resealable pouch to protect flavour and valuable nutrients


(No reviews yet) Write a Review