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Product Overview

Josera Kids supports your puppy from the 8th week of life, throughout this important growth phase. The natural ingredients of this dry dog food have been specially combined to meet the needs of medium and large breed dogs with a heavy body build. The optimum calcium-phosphorus ratio, plenty of vitamin C, manganese and copper help to support healthy skeletal growth, as well as ensuring bones are strong and joints are healthy. The moderate protein and fat contents help to build muscle mass, whilst combining with L-carnitine to prevent your dog gaining excess fat.

This Josera Kids also contains taurine, which works with L-carnitine to ensure healthy heart function. As this premium dry dog food is also suitable for fully grown dogs, it can be fed into adulthood without the need for change.

Josera Kids contains no artificial colours, aromas or preservatives, as well as being free from genetically modified ingredients. As with all Josera junior products, it is free from ingredients with allergenic potential, including wheat, soya, sugar and dairy products. All ingredients undergo strict quality controls. In order to preserve the high-quality nature of this Josera Kids, the delicious kibble comes in a practical, resealable AromaSafe pouch.

Josera Kids at a glance:

  • Natural food for medium and large breed puppies over 8 weeks old
  • Specially tailored to the needs of dogs with large builds
  • Ideal phosphorus-calcium ratio, vitamin C, manganese & copper: to support skeletal and bone growth, as well as healthy joints
  • Moderate energy- and protein contents: tailored to the needs of heavy breeds as they grow, working in combination with L-carnitine for low-fat muscle mass
  • With taurine and L-carnitine: contributes to healthy heart function
  • Also suitable for adult dogs: can be fed into adulthood with no need for change
  • 100% free from colourings, aromas, preservatives and GMOs
  • No ingredients with allergenic potential: wheat, soya, sugar and dairy products
  • Made in Germany: controlled quality from in-house Josera production
  • Delicious kibble: ideally-sized pieces for best acceptance
  • Aroma protection: resealable pouch protects flavour and valuable nutrition


(No reviews yet) Write a Review