Josera Light & Vital 15kg

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Product Overview

Josera Light & Vital helps less active or older dogs to reduce their weight and maintain an optimum healthy body size. It contains less fat than standard dog foods and contains high quantities of fibre and special dietary fibre designed to keep your dog feeling fuller for longer. The recipe of Josera Light & Vital is also particularly tasty, ensuring that your dog can still enjoy a tasty treat while trying to shift excess weight.

The high protein content of this premium Josera Light & Vital complete dry dog food helps increase the metabolism of dogs prone to weight gain. Added L-carnitine can also be beneficial in increasing fat-burning and works with taurine to strengthen heart function. A balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio, vitamin C, manganese and copper all contribute to strong bone structure and healthy joints.

Josera Light & Vital is a dry food, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives as well as genetically modified ingredients. It is also free from those ingredients known to exacerbate allergies, including wheat, sugar, soya and dairy products. The poultry in this food has undergone quality controls and is of human grade quality, as well as being highly-digestible. In order to preserve the premium characteristics of this delicious kibble, it comes in a practical, resealable AromaSafe pouch.

Josera Light & Vital at a glance:


  • Premium complete dry food for adult dogs, particularly those with low activity levels or older dogs
  • Weight control: a reduced fat content and an increased fibre content help your dog reach its perfect weight
  • Full feeling: special dietary fibres help your dog to feel fuller faster
  • High protein content: designed to stimulate metabolism
  • With L-carnitine: to boost fat burning
  • Balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio, vitamin C, manganese and copper: all of which promote strong bone structure and healthy joints
  • For healthy heart function: taurine and L-carnitine support the heart
  • Particularly well digested: balanced, gently prepared and digestible
  • Free from colours, flavours and preservatives, as well as GMOs
  • Free from ingredients with allergic potential: including wheat, soya, sugar, maize and milk products
  • Made in Germany: quality controlled in Josera’s own laboratories
  • Delicious kibble: high-quality ingredients and aromatic flavour make these croquettes extremely well accepted
  • Flavour protection: optimum taste and valuable nutrients are preserved in the resealable pouch


(No reviews yet) Write a Review