Josera SensiPlus 15kg

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Product Overview

The balanced recipe of Josera SensiPlus has been specially developed to meet the needs of adult dogs with sensitive digestive tracts. This delicious dish helps to meet the highest taste and digestibility demands, thanks to the beneficial ingredients used. Josera SensiPlus contains duck and poultry, which has been gently prepared to make this premium meal easy to digest, being kind to the digestive system and ensuring high acceptance. The moderate energy content of this nutritious dry food is designed to meet the needs of dogs with normal activity levels. An added bonus is biotin, which supports healthy skin and glossy coat.

Josera SensiPlus contains neither artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, nor any genetically modified ingredients. As with all Josera products, this dish is free from ingredients with allergenic potential, including soya, wheat, sugar and milk products. The poultry meat is suitable for human consumption and undergoes stringent quality controls, as do all components. In order to maintain the high quality of this product, the croquettes come in a practical, resealable pouch.

Josera SensiPlus at a glance:

  • Premium dry food for adult dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Highly digestible: carefully prepared ingredients of the highest quality, ensuring digestibility and relieving the digestive system
  • With duck and poultry: light and delicious source of protein, ideal for fussy dogs
  • With plenty of biotin: supporting healthy skin and gleaming coat
  • Moderate energy content: designed to meet the needs of dogs with normal activity levels
  • Free from colours, flavours and preservatives, as well as GMOs
  • No ingredients with allergenic potential: wheat, soya, sugar and milk products
  • Made in Germany: highest quality controls from the in-house Josera lab
  • Well accepted: delicious kibble, easy to chew and highly digestible
  • Flavour protection: resealable pouch to preserve flavour and valuable nutrients


(No reviews yet) Write a Review