Josera YoungStar 15kg

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Product Overview

Josera YoungStar is the ideal support for your growing young dog from the 8th week of life onwards. This completely grain free puppy food has been formulated with a calcium and phosphorus balance that is just right for this particular phase of growth. The dry kibble also has added vitamin C, manganese and copper; a nutrient complex that promotes the development of healthy bones and joints. The proportion of poultry meat and potatoes in the food also helps to ensure that your young dog gets just the right amount of energy and protein that it needs. This puppy food is easy to digest and also suited to pups with sensitive digestion.

All of the ingredients used in Josera YoungStar dry puppy food are high-quality and this premium dog food does not contain any artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, or GM ingredients. As with all products in the Josera range of junior dog foods, this kibble is free from ingredients that have a high allergenic potential such as wheat, soya, sugar or milk-based dairy products. The poultry meat in the food is from food-grade sources and its quality is constantly monitored or quality purposes. The kibble is packed in a practical, re-sealable AromaSafe pack, to maintain freshness and flavour.

Josera YoungStar at a glance:

  • Quality specialist nutrition for puppies from 8 weeks of age
  • Grain free: also suitable for dogs with allergies and food intolerances
  • Ideal phosphorus and calcium ratio, with vitamin C, manganese and copper: adapted for the needs of growing dogs to support bone growth and healthy joints
  • With poultry: easy to digest and healthy. Made from food-grade meat
  • Moderate protein and energy content: specially adapted to the needs of averagely active growing dogs
  • No chemical preservatives, colour or aromas and no GMO ingredients
  • Free from ingredients with high allergenic potential such as wheat, soya, sugar, and milk-based products
  • Made in Germany: with regular quality checks made by the Josera lab
  • Tasty kibble: kibble size, shape and consistency has been optimised for young dogs
  • Flavour and aroma protection: Re-sealable packaging to preserve freshness, flavour and nutrients


(No reviews yet) Write a Review